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Bees and Wasps Information

This information has been kindly supplied by Worcestershire Beekeepers Association and Igrox Ltd

Wasps and bees often forage for food on garden plants.


Honey Bees

Image of a Bee

Usually small and hairy with brown or black stripes.

The Honey Bee is well known as being a beneficial insect responsible for the pollination of flowers and crops and for the production of honey and beeswax.  Recent years have seen a reduction in the number of bees and while they are not protected as a species, neither owned or wild bees should be killed without justifiable reason.

Occasionally colonies swarm.  Swarms appear as a large cloud of bees which can number as many as 10,000 individuals.  Swarms often settle on trees or shrubs where they can cause concern to local residents.  In the early stage, swarming bees are unlikely to sting and the cluster is likely to move on to find a suitable location to form a colony.  If the swarm is still present after 24 hours you should contact a beekeeper.

However, if a colony is established in a building then stinging may become a serious issue and a minority of people may be hyper-allergic to the venom, causing very serious consequences if it leads to anaphylactic shock.


Bumble Bees

Image of a Bumble Bee

These are the harmless, fat, velvety, rounded, striped bees that usually set up home in compost heaps, bird boxes and sometimes walls.


Mason Bees

These are always found in ones or twos going into small holes in the masonry joints of walls.



Image of a Wasp

Usually yellow and black striped with a shiny body, they often build their nests in hedges, sheds and roofs. Find out more about wasps


Live and let live!

All of the above are beneficial to the garden and the environment and should be left alone whenever possible. Worcestershire Beekeepers Association will not deal with the above insects - if you must have them removed you will have to employ a pest control contractor.


Further Information

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