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Community Safety in Wychavon


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“Safe and Sound in Wychavon” is a dedicated community safety service to residents across the district.  Wychavon is a low crime area and our aim is to work with others to ensure that it continues to be a safe place.  Overall crime in the district remains lower than it was five years ago as do crimes that cause residents most concern such as burglary in the home, vehicle crime and violence.  Also reports of anti social behaviour continue to decrease.  You can find out more information about crime and anti-social behaviour in your area by visiting, the latest development of the government’s crime mapper initiative, giving the public greater access to local crime information across England and Wales.   The site shows crime from the past month in six categories as dots on a street map. The dots, known as ‘snap points’, are fixed at neutral locations and represent the approximate location of where the crime or incident has happened.  On the site, users will also be able to access details of their local policing team and forthcoming neighbourhood meetings and events with information pulled from the West Mercia Police website.


Community partnerships are about recognising that the police alone cannot eradicate crime and the causes of crime and criminality. These are rooted in society as a whole and it is therefore the role of society to identify local problems and local solutions.

Information about the seven local policing teams in Wychavon is available from West Mercia Police.

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For further information about Community Safety contact:

David Hemming
Community Safety Manager
Telephone: 01386 565301 - between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

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