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Our performance

We report on our performance four times a year through our Signals of Success reports. These reports summarise our progress against the annual promises in our corporate strategy, our key success measures and the actions in our Strong Council Improvement Plan.  The reports also highlight other achievements and challenges. We also use service based measures to help us manage the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

Our Annual Report looks back at how we performed in 2012/13 and forward to some of the things we've got in store for 2013/14. Inside you can read how we performed on our 19 promises and 26 success measures. In the highlights sections, we share the achievements we're particularly proud of and the difference they're making to Wychavon residents and businesses.  The Appendix to our Annual Report contains more details of how we performed against our key success measures, comparisons with previous years and the targets we set.

We are always looking at ways to improve services for residents and reduce our costs.  In the current financial climate, peer reviews are a cost effective way for councils to get an independent view on how they’re doing and to help one another improve.  These focus on either a specific service or the organisation as a whole.

In November 2013, we had a LGA Peer Challenge, which found “There is no question that Wychavon has been a successful district council for many years, consistently driving ambition and creating a well respected and ‘happy’ organisation. Staff and members are highly motivated and the strong ‘can do’ culture is evident to partners, local businesses and residents.” As well as reassuring us we are on the right track, the challenge identified a number of issues where we can improve, such as performance management training for managers and more flexible working.

LGA Peer Challenge December 2013 : Report

LGA Peer Challenge December 2013 : Our self-assessment

Here are some of the other peer reviews we've benefited from:

Elmbridge Borough Council Peer Review 2011

Diversity Peer Challenge 2010

For more information contact

Zach Butcher
Performance and Consultation Officer
Tel: 01386 565333 between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

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