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Abandoned Vehicle

There are a variety of signals indicating a vehicle is abandoned. Some things to look out for are listed below:

  • does it look vandalised and/or fire damaged?
  • does it look unused and in poor condition?
  • has it been there for over a week?
  • is there a valid tax disc?
  • are the wheels or petrol cap missing?
  • have parts been removed or damaged? (For example. broken windows or flat tyres)
  • has it been parked or abandoned in an isolated or unusual location?
  • is it a known area for abandoned vehicles?
  • have you seen anybody use it or act suspiciously around it?
  • is it full of rubbish/hazardous material/combustibles?

Upon receiving a report of an abandoned vehicle an officer will visit the vehicle, enquiries are then made via the DVLA and police to ascertain the last registered owner or if the vehicle has been reported stolen. Where necessary a notice is then placed on the vehicle giving any interested persons the opportunity to remove the vehicle. When the required time period has elapsed the vehicle is then removed and destroyed.

The police also have the power to immediately remove any vehicle, which is left abandoned in breach of local traffic regulation orders, or is causing an obstruction or is likely to cause a danger.

To report an abandoned vehicle call the Worcestershire hub on 0845 6072005 or our Client Services team on 01386 565018.

You can also report an abandoned vehicle using our online form here.

When reporting an abandoned vehicle please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Make and model (e.g. Ford Fiesta).
  • Colour.
  • Registration Number.
  • Exact Location (e.g. outside no.7 Some Street, WR1)
  • General condition of vehicle.
  • Does the Vehicle have a tax disc?
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