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Adoption Checks

Any prospective adopter or foster carer, plus any member of their household who is over 16 years of age, will be required to complete an application for a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check.

This is part of our safeguarding checks, which are made to ensure only suitable, safe people can adopt or foster children.

The authority will submit the application on your behalf, through the assessing social worker. The results of the DBS check will be sent directly to the applicant only (the Local Authority will not be sent a copy). Upon receipt of the results the applicant needs to contact their assessing social worker to arrange to share the information contained in it.

If the enhanced disclosure includes details of a criminal record it will not necessarily exclude the household from being able to foster or adopt – unless he/she has been convicted of an offence (at the age of 18 or over) which is specified in the Adoption Agencies Regulations 2005 or the Fostering Services Regulations 2002, or has been cautioned for such an offence.

Any offence against a child would exclude someone from continuing the adoption or fostering process.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss the details of any conviction or caution they, or any member of their household, may have at the earliest possible opportunity. This includes any motoring offences. Offences committed many years ago, against property, or of a more minor nature are likely to be viewed less seriously than recent offences, or crimes of violence against others.

If the DBS check on any member of the household is returned with information about offences, or if the applicant has disclosed offences earlier in the process, a form will be completed with the applicant giving all relevant information on the offence and conviction.

This information will then be considered by senior managers within the fostering and adoption service before the application can proceed.

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