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Good Cycling Code

Good Cycling Code

Travelling around by bike doesn’t have to mean cycling amongst heavy traffic. Quite often you can plan your journey to include different paths – some of which are just for cyclists, others are for pedestrians too.

But whatever route you are on, be sure to follow this good cycling code:

On all routes:

  • Please be courteous.
  • Always cycle with respect for others using the route and acknowledge those who give way to you.

On shared-use paths:

  • Give way to pedestrians, wheelchair users and horse riders leaving them plenty of room.
  • Fit a bell and use it – don’t surprise people.

When cycling on roads:

  • Always follow the Highway Code.
  • Be seen – consider wearing high-visibility clothing and a helmet, fit lights and use them in poor visibility.
  • Keep your bike roadworthy.
  • Do not cycle on pavements except where designated – pavements are for pedestrians.
  • Use your bell to make your presence known.

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